The iProperty Group Takes Mobile to Greater Heights

According to the UN’s International Telecommunications Union (ITU), in 2000 there were only 500 million mobile subscriptions globally; by the beginning of 2011, those numbers had mushroomed to over 5 billion mobile users.

As a company that continuously strives to equip its consumers and customers with highly innovative products, the iProperty Group, Asia’s No.1 online property group, today launched their new mobile strategy and development team.

According to The iProperty Group, Chief Executive Officer, Shaun Di Gregorio, the formation of the new team was in line with the company’s objective of becoming an organization that is mobile-first in its outlook.

He further added that the company gathered a team of digital experts to innovate and deliver better mobile products for customers and consumers across the group’s core markets – Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Singapore.

“We were the first to go to the market with the iPhone, iPad and Android apps, which were designed to enable consumers to have the convenience to search for properties in Malaysia and Singapore. We have seen great success with those and, with the rapid advances in mobile technology, we believe that we have much more to offer,” said Di Gregorio.

The new team, which will be headed by Michael Ong, who said, “With these highly skilled team of innovative and digital experts, we will be working towards creating more highly innovative products that will help improve customer and consumer experience. This approach will be consistent all across the core markets.”

He explained that the team will also be responsible for the Group’s presence on all non-computer platforms – mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, smart televisions and other devices.

“Our main development, releases and enhancements of mobile applications and websites will be done in-house and the team will be working with partners to deliver solutions to consumers and customers” said Andy Kelk, Chief Information Officer of the iProperty Group.

Research from across the group showed that users from mobile devices account for 28% of the total traffic in Singapore and Malaysia, 18% in Hong Kong and 23% in Indonesia. Each of which, indicating that users spend approximately between 4 ½ and 11 ½ minutes browsing through the apps to find their dream home or property related news via their mobile devices.

According to Kelk, to date, a total of 280,000 iPhone, 80,000 iPad and 45,000 Android Apps have been downloaded since the group launched it in Malaysia and Singapore last year.

He added that, the group also saw great success with the launch of the mobile site,, and in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia respectively. The mobile site offers consumers an easy to use mobile version of the leading website, regardless of the models of their smart phones.

Adding on, Di Gregorio said, “By listening and understanding the current market trends and thinking ahead, we are able to create and develop highly innovative products that set the industry’s benchmark. It’s via such an understanding and process, are we able to continuously engage with our customers and consumers,”

He added that mobile technologies are quickly catching up to traditional browser-based sites and that, by having the right tools at their disposal, consumers can make quicker and better decisions when deciding on their next or first property investment.

He concluded by saying, “We are committed to enhancing the experience of property buyers and investors, including meeting the future needs of our customers and consumers and will continue in our quest to be the first to develop highly innovative products that meet these needs.”