General Manager, Indonesia

Mario Gaw

Mario Gaw Mario Gaw is the General Manager of in Indonesia. He is responsible for the day to day operations of the Indonesia business. Prior to joining, Mario was VP Production of  Lazada Indonesia.

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General Manager, Singapore and Acting General Manager,

Sean Tan

Sean Tan is the General Manager of Singapore and is currently also the Acting General Manager for Sean is responsible for the day to day operations of the Singapore and Hong Kong business. Prior to joining, Sean was the Sales and Marketing Director of SingTel Digital Media and Sales Manager of Yahoo! SE Asia. Sean holds a Masters Degree from University of Adelaide.

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Group Consumer Marketing & Brand Manager

Jonathan Adams

IMG_1605Jonathan Adams is the Group Consumer Marketing and Brand Manager for the iProperty Group.

Jonathan heads the team that is responsible for developing the iProperty Group’s Consumer Marketing Strategy and initiates activities that grow consumer traffic, increase consumer engagement and generate an increasing number of leads.

As a very experienced communications strategist, with over 20 years’ experience in Media, Advertising and Marketing and a Diploma in Advertising from Auckland University of Technology, Jonathan ...

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Communications to Market and Shareholders

The Board recognises its duty to ensure that its shareholders are informed of all major developments affecting the Company’s state of affairs and has adopted a Shareholder Communication Policy. The Policy provides that information will be communicated to shareholders and the market through:

  1. The Annual Report which is distributed to shareholders (usually with the Notice of Annual General Meeting);
  2. The Annual General Meeting and other general meetings called to obtain shareholder approvals as appropriate;
  3. The Half-Yearly Directors’ and Financial ...
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Internal control and risk management

The Board is responsible for the identification, monitoring and management of significant business risks and the implementation of appropriate levels of internal control, recognising however that no cost effective internal control system will preclude all errors and irregularities. The Board regularly reviews and monitors areas of significant business risk and has established a separate Audit and Risk Management Committee which is governed by a separate Board Charter.

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Remuneration Policy

The fees and emoluments paid to Directors will be approved in advance by Shareholders. The salary and emoluments paid to officers will be approved by the Remuneration and Nomination Committee. Consultants will be engaged as required pursuant to Consultancy Service Agreements. The Company will ensure that fees, salaries and emoluments will be in line with general standards for publicly listed companies of the size and type of the Company and that they will not be excessive. All salaries of Directors ...

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Board of Directors – Compositions, Structure and Process

The Board has been formed so that it has effective composition, size and commitment to adequately discharge its responsibilities and duties given the current size, scale and nature of the Company’s activities.

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Board of Directors – Role and Responsibilities

In general, the Board is responsible for, and has the authority to determine, all matters relating to the policies, practices, management and operations of the Company. The Board is also responsible for the overall corporate governance of the Company, and recognises the need for the highest standards of behaviour and accountability in acting in the best interests of the Company as a whole. The Board also ensures that the Company complies with all of its contractual, statutory and any other ...

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Framework and Approach to Corporate Governance and Responsibility

The Board of Directors is committed to maintaining the highest standards of Corporate Governance. Corporate Governance is about having a set of core values and behaviours that underpin the Company’s activities and ensure transparency, fair dealing and protection of shareholders’ interests. The Board supports the Principles of Good Corporate Governance and Best Practice Recommendations developed by the ASX Corporate Governance Council (“Council”). The Company’s practices are largely consistent with the Council’s guidelines – the Board considers that the implementation of ...

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Financial Results

Half Year Results

Annual Reports

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